Certificate Verification

The Graduates of the King’s International University of Science and Technology work very hard to successfully complete their studies for the qualifications they receive.

To verify the authenticity as to whether or not the qualification received is actually issued by KIUST, please email the following information to office@kingsinternationaluniversity-edu.com


  1. The full name of the person written on the qualification
  2. The full name of the qualification (i.e. Associate Diploma, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Associate Degree, Degree, etc)
  3. The number written at the bottom of the qualification
  4. The date written on the qualification
  5. The student number written on the Academic Transcript


Forging transcripts and qualifications is a criminal offense punishable by law – which can lead to imprisonment.  To help fight against forgery, you can send us a confidential email concerning any person or organization you know and/or suspect is issuing qualifications in the name of the King’s International University of Science and Technology.