Code of Practice

KIUST and its staff members should at all times:


  • Be dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. Provide an excellent education and expect excellence from students.
  • Maintain high standards of professional conduct and ethics and not be involved in any corrupt practices and not misuse position or office for personal gain.
  • Publish refund policy.
  • Abide by the law of every country that KIUST works in, and operate within the spirit of those laws.
  • Disclose any personal interest and refrain from activities which conflict with the interests of KIUST.
  • Avoid all discriminatory practices including those relating to race, sex, religion and politics.
  • Try not to injure maliciously, directly or indirectly, the professional reputation of KIUST and its staff or other businesses. Recruitment of staff and students must be conducted in an ethical and responsible manner without discrimination.
  • Respect the confidentiality of information that comes to them in the course of their duties during and after their time at KIUST.
  • Be involved in promoting and supporting activities that can be of significant interest to the society. Market educational products with integrity, accuracy and professionalism and work to keep the tuition fees affordable.
  • Be committed to using a flexible delivery through the use of open/distance learning mode thus helping to increase access to higher education for people from all walks of life.
  • Provide an environment of academic freedom.
  • Keep student records confidential.
  • Make sure that before information about an individual is used in any marketing and promotion activity, the individual has provided KIUST with written permission.
  • Use well qualified academic staff to teach and grade all assignments, projects, dissertations and examinations.
  • Never award a grade or degree on false pretence or on the basis of financial compensation.
  • Follow the Golden Rule: “Do unto others what you would have others do unto you.”
  • Never get involved in any Money Laundering operation(s)
  • Never get involved in any terrorist operations(s) and never get involved in financing any terrorist operation(s).