General Regulations

Assessment Grading System

Letter grades are used to indicate the evaluation of student performance in a course. Each course will be graded according to the following grades:


A + =Outstanding level of achievement (85%-100%) (Equals 4.0 point value)


A = Excellent level of achievement (80%-84%) (Equals 3.7 point value)


B + =Very Good level of achievement (75%-79%) (Equals 3.3 point value)


B = Good level of achievement (70%-74%) (Equals 3.0 point value)


C + =Very Satisfactory level of achievement (65%-69%) (Equals 2.7 point value)


C =Satisfactory level of achievement (60%-64%) (Equals 2.4 point value)


D+ = Pass (50% -59%) (Equals 2.1 point value)


D =Conceded Pass (45% -49%) (Equals 1.8 point value)


S = Supplementary assessment is required (Equals 0.0 point value)


N = Fail (Equals 0.0 point values)


PMD = Pass Master Degree Dissertation.


PDD = Pass Doctorate Degree Dissertation.


I = Incomplete assessment. Final grade will be awarded later.


EX = Exemption granted based on past study


YR = Year grade (This is a temporary grade applicable only to the first trimester component of a year’s course).


WR = WR is for students who withdrew from a unit before the commencement of the trimester.


WN = WN is for students who withdrew from a unit after the commencement of the trimester. The grade is equivalent to grade N.

Student Assessment Guidelines

  1. All students shall be evaluated on their attainment of the course objectives in which they are enrolled for.
  2. Only the Registrar or the Dean or the President/VC may authorise the release of official results, certificates, academic histories and publish official examination timetables and students’ marks/grades.
  3. The appropriateness of assessment instruments used in assessing students’ achievements of the stated objectives of courses may be externally moderated when deemed appropriate by the Dean or the President/VC.
  4. Marked student’s examination scripts shall remain the property of KIUST. When necessary, provision may be made to provide students with access to their own marked examination script. Examination scripts may be destroyed after the final date to appeal against a grade, except when students have lodged an appeal.
  5. Students cannot appeal for their examination scripts to be re-marked. However, students can request that the person in charge of the course check for any administrative error in the adding up of their marks. If the students are still not satisfied, they can send an appeal letter to the Registrar to find out why the examiner allocated them the particular marks for the questions answered. A non-refundable US$50 fee must accompany the appeal letter. The decision of the appeal committee is final.
  6. When necessary, the lecturer/examiner of a course and/or the examiner of a course may grant an extension of the assignment due date or a deferred or supplementary examination for that course. The lecturer/examiner shall consider appropriate documentary evidence (including statements from a medical practitioner, employer etc) in making his or her decision.
  7. No student shall be permitted to graduate who has a debt to KIUST.
  8. No final result in any course shall be officially communicated to any student without the approval of the Registrar, or the Dean or the VC/President
  9. The method to be used to determine if students are eligible for a passing a course will be stated in the course material or course outline or study guide for that course.
  10. The methods used in assessing students’ achievement of the objectives of a course must:
    • maintain academic standards appropriate to the level of the course in which students are enrolled
    • ensure that the assessment of students is not based on prejudicial or other unfair practices; and
    • ensure that assessment techniques are used which will enable students to demonstrate clearly the level of achievement they have attained in the areas being assessed. In the event of illness of students, or other serious events that may affect their academic performance, the lecturer/examiner of a course may grant students an extension of the assignment due date or a deferred or supplementary examination for that course.
  11. The due dates of assignments will be stated in the course material or course outline or study guides.
  12. Students may be required to provide, if necessary, proof of submission of an assignment.
  13. Students must retain a copy of assignments submitted.
  14. It is the responsibility of KIUST to inform students of the location and time of examinations.
  15. Students must bring valid ID to each examination to show that they are the appropriate person sitting for the exam.
  16. Unless specified in the course outline or study guide or specified by the examiner, students are not permitted to take any book, material, a calculator, computer or other electronic device into an examination room.
  17. Students who are allowed to undertake a supplementary assessment/assignments and/or examination will be given written notice of the nature of the work required at least two weeks before the due date for the assessment work/exam.
  18. Students will be charged a fee, set by KIUST, for the provision of an additional copy of their statement of attainment/academic transcript.

Appeal Against Final Assessment

Students wishing to appeal against their final assessment in any course should in the first instance consult the lecturer in charge of the course. Should the matter still not be satisfactorily resolved, a formal appeal to the Dean may be lodged through the Registrar. Such an appeal should be made within 14 days of the appeal to the lecturer and in any event must be made within 21 days of the date of publication of results. The decision of KIUST’s Appeal Committee shall be final. A written statement of the appeal outcome, including reasons for the decision, will be given to the student and filed for record purposes.

Students Performance Reporting Process

  1. The professor in charge of a course gives assignment marks to the individual student.
  2. The professor reports the final trimester’s mark (i.e. assignments and exam marks) for the course to the Registrar
  3. The Registrar reports the final trimester’s mark to students prior to the beginning of the following trimester.

Qualifications and Statements of Attainment

  1. KIUST shall maintain at all times individual student records of achievement. Students’ academic standing is officially recorded in the Academic Register at the end of each trimester. Statements of Academic Records are sent to students prior to the beginning of the following trimester.
  2. Final qualifications and official Academic Transcripts are sent to students at the end of their program. The official Academic Transcript will indicate the student’s program, courses taken, grades attained, etc. The final Official Transcripts at the end of the program must bear the signature of the Registrar, as well as KIUST’s Common Seal.

Exemptions for Recognition of Past Similar Study

KIUST will not grant any academic Diploma/Degree and/or exemption based on life experience. To complete a KIUST academic Diploma, Degree, Program, Course or Unit, students must successfully pass all assignments, projects and examinations.


KIUST will however, recognize and accept the academic credentials issued by another registered university/college of higher education. Students who wish to obtain exemptions for previous similar learning must submit a copy of the syllabus and the academic transcripts of the similar courses they have done to KIUST’s Registrar for assessment. KIUST’s Registrar and the professor of the course that the student wants exemption from will conduct the assessment and make the final decision. The final decision will be communicated to the applicant on or prior to enrolment.

Student Complaints/Grievances Procedure

Students who have complaints about the program or courses should follow the guidelines below:


  1. Initial presentation/description of the problem by the complainant should be made in writing via email to the person that the student has the complaint with for possible mutual resolution.
  2. In cases where the complainant does not want to present the problem to the person he/she has the complaint with, or if, after presentation of the problem, the problem still cannot be resolved, it should be reported to the Registrar for possible resolution. The Registrar will be the mediator.
  3. If the problem still cannot be resolved it should be reported to the Dean. The Dean will be the mediator.
  4. If the problem still cannot be resolved the Dean will form a committee comprising of the Registrar, the Dean, one external person and one current or past student. The committee will be the final mediator and the committee’s decision shall be final. A written statement of the outcomes including reasons for the decision will be given to the student and filed for record purposes.

Student Support/Letter of Reference

If students need a letter from KIUST stating their current status at KIUST for any purpose regarding assistance (e.g. access to public libraries), we would be glad to provide such a letter as long as we are given adequate notice.

Student Discipline

If the Dean is notified that there is conclusive evidence that a student has committed an offence (e.g. plagiarism, cheating in an exam, etc.) the Dean will provide the student with details of the allegation and instruct the student to provide answers in writing within 7 days. The letter will be sent via email to the student. Students who do not reply within 7 days will have no further right of appeal but will be advised in writing what the penalty of the offence will be. Penalties will vary from receiving a fail mark for the assignment or for the exam or for the course. Depending on the seriousness of the offence, it could even be a total exclusion from the program.

Standard Credit Hours

KIUST Standard Degree Credit Hours are as below:

Bachelor: 120 CH     Master: 40 CH or above     Doctorate: 60 CH or above


If you are a KIUST graduate and have lost your certificate and/or transcript, you can apply for a replacement of the certificate and/or transcript. The replacement may, however, differ in style from the original and the signatories may have changed since the issue of the original.


Replacement certificates will usually be issued within 2-3 weeks of receiving your request and payment but it can take longer during busy periods of the year.  Certificates can only be produced bearing your legal name as it was at the date and time of your award. As a matter of policy and practice we do not normally issue replacement certificates in new names unless there is a proper legal document showing that the new name is legal and legitimate.

The cost of a replacement certificate is USD115 and the cost of replacement transcript is USD115. The postage fee is USD40.  Most of the cost of providing this service goes into locating the results and producing the replacement.  If we cannot locate the certificate we shall refund the replacement cost less 40% but we shall issue a replacement letter. The replacement letter will have the KIUST letterhead and seal on it. It will state that the person is a graduate of the King’s International University of Science and Technology and also state the qualification received and the year of graduation.  Payment should be made by credit card to KIUST through the Ready GoPay International.