Honorary Awards

Honorary degrees are non-academic qualifications that are bestowed upon distinguished individuals who have contributed significantly to their community and/or their professions. Since awarding Honorary Degrees is a common practice in many universities around the globe, the King’s International University of Science and Technology (KIUST) also has a system of awarding Honorary Degrees to outstanding individuals.


Honorary Degrees at KIUST include: Honorary Doctor of Philosophy; Honorary Doctor of Science; Honorary Doctor of Business Administration; Honorary Doctor of Education; Honorary Doctor of Theology; Honorary Doctor of Ministry; Honorary Doctor of Engineering, etc. KIUST can also award Honorary Master of Philosophy; Honorary Master of Science; Honorary Master of Business Administration; Honorary Master of Education; Honorary Master of Theology; Honorary Master of Ministry, etc. In fact an Honorary Doctorate degree or an Honorary Master degree can be granted in an individual’s particular area of specialty.


However, because KIUST can only award honorary degrees to very few people, there are strict guidelines that are followed in making the final decision. For more information please email KIUST.